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AOS stands for Art of Symmetry, a revolutionary manual treatment system developed by physiotherapist Feng Luo.

AOS was developed to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, ranging from headaches; TMJ; neck, shoulder, back, elbow, hip, knee, foot and hand disorders; as well as acute and chronic soft tissue injuries. AOS is also effective in reducing symptoms for some chronic conditions, such as fibromyalgia, senile arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy, and post polio.

The philosophy behind AOS is to restore bilateral symmetry of the body. For instance, a patient with shoulder pain always exhibits high low scapular bones and an asymmetrical muscular contour of the shoulder girdle muscles. Thus, by working on spinal and pelvic alignments, activating affected kinetic chains, and normalizing energy flow of the major energy channels, the affected body parts can then be restored to a symmetrical state, normalizing regional biomechanics, and relieving or eliminating any symptoms.

At our facility, AOS, due to its effectiveness and efficiency, is the only treatment method used. A 3-4 visit treatment program is typically employed to address the upper and lower body, breathing, gait and posture re-education, and occasionally therapeutic exercises. Ongoing treatment is rarely needed unless you are a competitive athlete. After the program concludes, we recommend you re-visit us on a need basis, or annually to bi-annually for regular check up to ensure a balanced body.

What conditions do we treat?

At AOS, we believe that whenever there is a symptom, your body essentially loses balance. Therefore, our treatment always focuses on the entire body. Critical to this treatment method is the kinetic chain; the concept that whenever we move, we are not only using singular body parts, but instead, multiple joints and body parts working collectively in coordination. The movement chains from the finger tips to the neck, and toe tips to the lumbar spine, are known as small kinetic chains, while movement chains along the body's sides are known as large kinetic chains. An injury or problem in any part of the chain, therefore, could affect the function of the whole chain. This is why it is common for patients to report symptoms starting in a localized area, but then moving to other areas on the same side of the body. Therefore, it is our belief that solving a regional issue with a localized approach will not solve the fundamental problem. For instance, a painful neck cannot be fully treated by acupuncture, electrical therapy, and/or other forms of localized therapy. Instead, at AOS, we will work on components of the kinetic chain in question - the feet, hands, and breathing muscles, for example - in order to achieve the desired outcome. in summary, by normalizing the bio-mechanics of kinetic chain(s) in the body, we are able to improve the function of certain body parts, as well as reduce symptoms in our patients with musculoskeletal conditions, regardless of whether the conditions were caused by daily exhaustion or medical conditions(rheumatoid arthritis, etc.)

Another concept core to the AOS philosophy is the integrity of our human body in relation to health. For instance, bone structure alignment, muscle activating status, and breathing all contribute to the overall integrity of the human body. Moreover, there is an undeniable connection between the interior and exterior of our body; traditional Chinese medicine advocates treating internal conditions externally. e.g. to treat a stomach issue, besides taking Chinese medicine usually seeks to treat internal conditions externally(i.e. using herbs to treat a stomach issue, or unblocking an energy channel on the surface of the human body). In AOS, however, we have established fourteen slightly different channels than the traditional ones, only detectable when a problem exists within the channel. Thus, when patients describe specific musculoskeletal conditions to us, we often not only alleviate the specific issue in question, but also improve other internal conditions in the process. For example, chronic coughing disappears with a treatment of the neck and shoulders, while chronic diarrhea disappears also disappears with a treatment of the heel cord.

Last, our focus on the central nervous system, cranial nerves, and autonomic nervous system sets us apart from other forms of conventional manual therapy. As the saying in goes, "The purpose of the body is the carry the brain around". Thus, we work on every component in the somatic sensory and motor pathways, instead of only employing spinal manipulation, massage therapy, stretching, or electrical therapy. As mentioned before, our treatment always starts from either the hands or the feet. After discovering weak or altered areas in the kinetic chain, we adjust the corresponding segments in the spine by a light touch by the finders. After 3-5 minutes of treatment, the skin sensations are normalized, and the weak muscles discovered before, activated. Furthermore, as we work on the entire kinetic chain, the treatment's effects are long lasting. This type of treatment has also been quite successful in treatment conditions like vertigo, mild hearing loss, TMJ dysfunction, headaches, bloated stomach, and asymmetrical facial appearance.

All in all, the targeted treatment of the automatic nervous system(ANS is the core of AOS, and is also why our innovative methods produce and maintain results unachievable by conventional manual therapy. Thus, we can efficiently and effectively alleviate symptoms like stomach aches, back pains, groin pains, regional swelling, and numbness, and discoloration(all possible related to a dysfunctional ANS).

After discovering the ANS treatment method, the scope and quality of our services have been broadened and expanded greatly; incorporating efficiency and effectiveness as staples in our treatment methods in even the most common of conditions(back pain, for instance). So let us help you achieve the Art of Symmetry; a healthier mind, and a healthier body.